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What's New


   January 21, 2008

   Happy New Year everybody! We're currently working on the first issue of our newsletter.

   So watch for that in the next month or so. If you'd like to be on the mailing list drop us a

   line at


   September 24, 2007

   Updates have been slow lately. recently added was the August ICOIL meeting HERE!

   Also, the Subsidized apartments are constantly being updated. And coming soon, info

   on our new Prescription Drug Card Program. We have 50,000 cards that will soon be

   available for the general public!


   July 31, 2007

   Plenty of updates for you all. Too many to list. Main Page is updated with newspaper

   articles about the ECCIL funding issues and consumer privacy. Also, the scrolling

   disability headlines are temporarily not working but will be back up soon!


   May 10, 2007

   March and May ICOIL meetings are up! Watch them HERE!


   Mar 13, 2007

   ICOIL meetings are uploaded from December and January. February was cancelled.

   So watch and enjoy HERE!


   Jan 11, 2007

   Updates are coming. We promise. It's been very busy around here. Transportation still

   sucks, ICOIL is still violating the law and plenty local issues in NWI have us all pretty

   tied up. Bear with us. Thanks!


   Dec 6, 2006

   FINALLY added the November ICOIL meeting to the ICOIL section.


   Nov 30, 2006

   Added lots of video and audio available for download to the ACT NOW media

   section. You can see or listen to RBA meetings and "Listening Sessions" HERE.


   Nov 21, 2006

   Added Newspaper coverage of the ACT NOW / ADAPT transportation

   protest to the Main Page.


   Oct 28, 2006

   Added ECCIL class action lawsuit info, INDOT reports and Regional Bus Authority

   Meetings Video and Audio to the ACT NOW section.


   Oct 16, 2006

   Added October ICOIL meeting to the ICOIL section.


   Oct 8, 2006

   Added new video "Guitar Feet" to the Video Section.  


   Oct 3, 2006

   Added new ADAPT video by Mark Torres to the Videos Section.


   Sept 11, 2006

   Added new updates all week from Washington DC on out ADAPT section


   Sept 1, 2006

   Added new video "Tatyana McFadden" to the Video Section.

   Added new section "Dating Websites" to the Resources Page


   Aug. 27 ,2006

   Added 2 new videos to the Video Section here and here.


   Aug. 23, 2006

   Began building online library for visitors.  

   Began new website look & feel beta testing.


   Aug. 19, 2006

   Added August 2006 ICOIL meeting to the "ICOIL" section.


   Aug. 3, 2006

   Added new video by Keith Wann to the "Videos Section"


   Aug. 1, 2006

   Added Support Groups section to the "Resources" page.

   July 31, 2006
   Added 4 new topics to the "About Us" page.

   July 24, 2006
   Added "Lawsuit" Section and accompanying documents.

   July 16, 2006
   Added new section - "What's New"
   New game in the "Games" section - ASTEROIDS
   New video in the "Videos" section - JOSH BLUE

   July 15, 2006
   Added new section - "ICOIL"
   16 video clips of the July ICOIL meeting added to the ICOIL section.

   July 12, 2006
   New Web Statistics counter for public view added to the Main Page

   July 10, 2006
   Added a "Community Calendar" for public use.



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