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Video Content

Here you will find clips of videos that range from Hilarious to Interesting to
Amazing videos. Click on a thumbnail picture below to watch each video. Or
search our site and the web for more movies and video content!


disabled b-boy uses crutches to breakdance. Radiohead Fan link to MAD TV sketch about parking spaces

video of a 2005 ADAPT action part 1

B-Boy "Lazy Legz" Patucelli uses crutches when he breakdances.

Just another

Radiohead Fan...

Funny Mad TV sketch about a parking space.

ADAPT short video #1  

video of a 2005 ADAPT action part 2 Dance Dance Revolution player with one leg. "A Long Way To Go" by Mark Torres

web promo for 2005 ADAPT action

ADAPT short video #2 Awesome Dance Dance Revolution player with one leg. "A Long Way To Go"

2005 Web Promo for an ADAPT action.

Short film about ADAPT by Mark Torres. Deaf interpretation of technology's impact on culture Pierre from a Simple Plan talks about making their concerts accessible. news lady slips up.
2005 Web Promo for an ADAPT action. Part 2 When Deaf culture and technology collide. "A Simple Plan" makes their concerts accessible to Deaf.

I bet this reporter got fired after her mistake.

classic seinfeld - "the lip reader" click to watch josh blue. a comedian with CP

click to watch keith wann 2.

Classic Seinfeld
"The Lip Reader"
Stand-Up comedian  with Cerebral Palsy Josh Blue. Keith Wann is back with another hilarious comedy bit.


russian teen with spina bifida plays hockey. click here for current tv adapt short for a new video.

click to see dude play guitar with his feet.

click for a new video.

Panexa - ask your doctor for a reason

to take it.

Teen with SpinaBifida plays hockey in Paralympics New short film by Mark Torres about ADAPT. Help by voting for it! Dude can play the guitar with his feet. Awesome!


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