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Staff Bios

Rudy Velasco

Project Coordinator

Everybody Counts Northwest CIL


A lifelong resident of Northwest Indiana, Rudy has

an associate degree in Criminal Justice, and has undergone

many trainings related to disability rights.


He’s a former pipefitter/welder for a large local steel mill.

As a union representative, he handled grievances

and promoted compliance with the ADA.


Rudy has been involved with Everybody Counts for

nearly 20 years as a volunteer. He is now the Project

Manager for Everybody Counts’ Northwest Indiana

Center for Independent Living.


“I feel privileged to be part of the Everybody Counts’ team.

We understand that only persons with disabilities know what

they need, and how it should be provided.”


Also actively involved with the North Township Council

on Accessible Transportation, Rudy just participated in

a 3-day leadership training by national ADAPT.


“I enjoy empowering people with disabilities – increasing

their knowledge of their rights and helping them

to advocate for themselves and others.”


Rudy is currently pulling together new offices at our

Northwest CIL. He absolutely hates all of the paperwork

but understands that it’s a necessary evil.


“It’s really rewarding to see people with disabilities

 Start speaking up for themselves and working together

to make things better for everyone.”


Rudy is actively working to expand our community

partners, especially those who are working with

minority populations in the Northwest part of the county.



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