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Staff Bios

Rita Renae Jackson

Peer Counselor / Community Advocate

Everybody Counts Center &

Everybody Counts Northwest CIL



Renae Jackson first became part of our staff shortly after

she acquired her spinal cord injury more than 20 years

ago. She went on to work for a local rehabilitation

facility and open housing center. She recently re-joined

our team as a counselor/advocate for both of our

Centers for Independent Living.


“I’m just so glad to get back to my true passion - advocating

side by side with people like myself to achieve their

 personal and professional goals. Through Everybody Counts

 I have an avenue to help others to make their journey

to independence go more smoothly.”


She’s co-chair of the Northwest Indiana Council on

Accessible Transportation, and remains active with the

Gary Human Relations Commission, the Gary Mayor’s

Commission  on Disabilities and other community

service projects.


“My job is to listen to what people say, then help them

to develop and achieve their goals through different strategies

 and resources. True power lies within the person – not society.”


Renae says that she has no patience with ‘bushwa,’

and enjoys getting out into the community to talk

about what issues are most important to our

folks, then work to get them resolved.


She just participated in a 3-day national

ADAPT Leadership training, and is looking forward

to utilizing community organizing skills to eliminate

systemic barriers to community participation.



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