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Staff Bios

Mark Torres

Systems Manager

Everybody Counts CIL &

Everybody Counts Northwest CIL





“Being a part of this work means that I’m part of changing people’s lives

for the better. We provide services to people with disabilities with the ultimate

goal of helping them become as independent as possible.”


Mark has been a part of the team since he was old enough

to lick stamps, fold flyers and put them into envelopes.


Currently our Systems Manager, Mark is responsible for identifying

the most effective ways to access and track information, managing and

maintaining internal computers, administering network services, designing

and maintaining  the website, conceptualizing new systems for internal

recordkeeping, coordinating audio-visual/power point materials,

developing graphic materials, and providing technical support.


He has established a computer lab to help folks learn how

to join the electronic information age and use all of the computers, monitors,

printers and software he’s acquired through various means. He also works

directly with consumers and various disability groups and organizations,

and supervisors counselor/advocates and volunteers.



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