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Staff Bios

Emma Sullivan

On-Loan Consultant




“People with disabilities have the right and responsibility to screw their lives up

 as much as people without disabilities. They have the right and responsibility to be

 fully involved and integrated into all aspects and avenues of society.”


Emma has been fighting for social justice on many levels for a very long time.

A native Of Indianapolis, she has over 25 years of experience working with people

with disabilities, consumer groups and community-based organizations.

She is passionate about keeping hope alive that the independent

living/disability rights movement will once again be all that it was.

But she is also involved in other efforts to make this world a better one.


Emma has a B.A. in social work, but as a reformed social worker she

doesn’t like to talk about it much. She worked in the mental health field for

a number of years before joining the staff at the Indianapolis Resource

Center for Independent Living, where she held a number of positions before

becoming the co-Executive Director about seven years ago.


Emma has traveled and trained around the world, and has a life goal of seeing

every one of the large bodies of water on this earth. She is also part of

the Inclusion Network, helping individuals and organizations to clearly see where they

are and find the way to move forward.


Come to think of it, that’s what she’s also doing for us. She says she’s been working

for or with Everybody Counts for about 250 years, give or take. The truth goes more

like this:  a few years ago, after many years as friend and colleague to our motley crew,

Emma began a more formal relationship as a contractual administrator for both of our CILs.


In that capacity, she has served as Assistant Director, providing valuable help

in a whole bunch of ways to the Executive Director and Board of Directors. 

Due to funding cuts, her contributions are currently ‘on loan’ as often as possible

as she pursues other work as a training consultant across the country.

But she is 100% in our corner and still a part of our team.


“Being a part of this work brings headaches, heartaches, troubles and disappointments,  along with the joy of striving for justice and equality.

I love it when I get to create something or help someone learn something,

or come to a new revelation.”


She’s mother to Dion, Brandon and Kevin, and grandmother to five, all of whom

live in her home town of Indianapolis, where she spends about half of her time.


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