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At Everybody Counts, we provide many services to our consumers. If we can in fact be
of assistance to you, our main goal is to help you in any way we can to lead the most independent life you possibly can. The four core services we provide are:


I. Information & Referral

Providing general information or written material via telephone conversation or in person. Or, if necessary, referral to another agency or service provider for further assistance.


II. Advocacy

 Systemic Advocacy is a means by which the Center can facilitate collaborative effort among persons with disabilities and others interested in improving community options for independent living. Individual Advocacy can be services to assist in obtaining access to benefits, services and/or programs to which a person with disability may be entitled.


III. Peer Support

One-on-one support, group discussion and other activities to aid in coping skills and
problem solving. Empathy, understanding and assistance from others who have
"been there" themselves and want to help.


IV. Independent Living Skills Training

Individual direction and group instruction in financial management, daily living, personal care, social skills, communication, assertiveness, accessing and utilizing
any and all available resources to achieve independence.






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