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Disability Resources

Here you can find many valuable resources related to any and all things "disability".

Are you looking for ADA related m.aterial? Or how about your rights as a person with

a disability? Do you need to find housing or a shelter? Here you can find the answers

to those questions and much, much more!


 In order to download most of what you will find in the sections below, you will need to
have the ADOBE READER which you can find on each page of this site or HERE.


Housing Indiana CILs Township Assistance Food Pantries
Shelters SSDI / Medicaid Deaf Resources Food Stamps

link to nothwest indiana deaf website

Medicaid Support Groups Dating Websites Vocational Rehabilitation
ADA Recreation ACLU Day Care

More to come...

Have an idea for a resource you'd like to see on our site?
Drop us an email on our contact page.

















Inforrmation, resources, disability, wheelchairs, recreation, loans, accessible vans, books, car loans, cerebral palsy, local support groups, credit repair, affordable housing

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Disability Headlines


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