ADAPT is in Washington D.C. this week!!! Stay tuned to this page for updates, pictures, video

    and news as it is happening. All week long we will update this page as all the events unfold!!



    THURSDAY Sept. 14, 2006


    ADAPT INVADES HUD!!! Round 2!!

    Today ADAPT set their sights on the Department of Housing and Urban Development..Again,

    Last year, Alphonso Jackson, secretary of HUD promised to set up every person in every state who

    came out of a nursing home with a housing voucher. So, because he DID NOT DO THAT, we decided

    to pay Mr. Jackson a visit to ask why he didn't keep his promise. And when we got there, we were

    promptly greeted by security and ADAPT leadership was invited inside for an impromptu meeting!!

    More to come later today including pictures and videos as always!



   WEDNESDAY Sept. 13, 2006


    Off to the Hilton we go!! ADAPT invaded the Hilton Capitol's lobby today in search of securing

    a meeting with yet another target. Hilton staff seemed a little more shaken up than other places we

    have gone in the past. I walked outside to use my phone and when I attempted to come back in

    with the rest of my crew, an official looking woman with a walkie talkie, surrounded by security

    said to me "Hello, sir. Are you a guest here?" Then, as I looked down at my bright red ADAPT

    INDIANA shirt and my big canary yellow ADAPT stickers on my pants, my obvious answer was,

    of course, "" Check out pictures and videos below.


    video one

    video two

    video three

    video four


   TUESDAY Sept. 12, 2006


    Day TWO!! Well, today we paid a visit to the conference that all the heads of the Public Housing

    throughout the country were having at the Hyatt Regency. The day started in typical ADAPT form

    with marching to our destination chanting "Free Our People!" Then, after about 30 minutes of marching

    we found ourselves going down a very large, very dark entryway. Almost like a parking garage. Then

    we realized that it WAS a parking garage. It seemed that we had a very convenient, very well planned

    secret entrance into the Hyatt. We took the narrow underground pathway all the way to the lobby of

    the building and began to make our demands known! Click the links below to download clips from

    the first part of the day. The videos are closed captioned. (It's just chanting.) Windows Media Format.


    video one

    video two

    video three


    Also today in Affordable Housing news, Washington state had their Affordable Housing Conference

    this week in Bellevue. A quick search on the web for information about this conference turned up this

    nugget of terribly ironic symbolism. click here. I guess those who wanted  to attend better get in line!

    Just like the people who want the same affordable housing for which this conference is about!


   Check back later today for more videos and pictures from today's action!!!








   MONDAY Sept. 11, 2001

   Arriving at the Holiday Inn Capitol, Directly across from the Department of Education. In the

   Lobby, registration begins and Official ADAPT T-Shirts are sold.


   Click here for day one video.