Response from Governor Eric Holcomb and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch

(after multiple letters, e-mails and phone calls):



Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, due to the demands on the Governor's schedule he will be unable to participate in a zoom. At this time, the Governor is already committed to several joint appearances with our opposition this cycle including but not limited to two sanctioned debates which will air on statewide TV. 

Also, due the extremely high volume of "surveys" we receive we have elected to point voters to the Governor's record and respond with the attached. If you would like any more information regarding the Governor's positions on the issues please visit and see the attached. 


Thank you again for reaching out to the campaign. 

Joe Elsener

Deputy Campaign Manager and Political Director



The attached document read as follows:

Supporting Hoosiers with disabilities is an issue that Governor Holcomb and Lt. Governor Crouch are passionate about. Lt. Governor Crouch has been a champion of Hoosiers with disabilities throughout her entire career in public service and her passion for this issue continues to have a tremendous impact on the approximately 100,000 Hoosiers with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The very first bill governor Holcomb signed into law was one that provided more transportation options for students with disabilities. He also signed landmark legislation that supports the independence of Hoosiers with disabilities and created the taskforce for assessment of services and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Lt. Governor Crouch chaired this taskforce. Crouch’s task force report outlined recommendations for the administration and General Assembly to further improve services for Hoosiers with disabilities. The recommendations provide information on existing services, identifies gaps in services and proposes recommendations that will not only improve services and support, but will also promote greater community opportunities for Hoosiers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The entire report may be found on the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s website. Governor Holcomb also appointed a special education teacher to the Indiana State Board of Education, ensuring that an expert, with a passion for special-needs children, will contribute to the development of statewide education policy for years to come. In a personal favorite moment of his first term, Governor Holcomb invited DeKalb County’s Special Olympic gold medal-winning Team Indiana to the governor’s residence to officially open, and play the first basketball game, at the new, full-length basketball court the governor installed at the residence.


In his 2020 State of the State Address, Governor Holcomb said “we won’t overlook anyone who is aspiring to be successful. That includes Hoosiers with disabilities, who seek to live and work in a safe, affordable and accessible environment.” For the Holcomb-Crouch team, this isn’t just a line from a speech, this is an issue they’ve delivered on the last four years and will, hopefully, continue to work on for the next four. Governor Holcomb and Lt. Governor Crouch know that a more inclusive Indiana improves the quality of life for all Hoosiers