EVERYBODY COUNTS and EVERYBODY COUNTS NORTH staff are doing their best to continue providing

you with quality services during the current closure. We will return all calls to 769-5055 or 937-5055 and

are checking e-mail sent to info@everybodycounts.org.


In the meantime, we hope that you will go through the information below to help you decide who to elect

as our next Governor and Lt. Governor. Now, more than ever before, it's going to be an important decision.


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The national general election will be held on November 3, 2020.

In the middle of a pandemic, the people of this nation will be electing a

President, Indiana residents will be electing a Governor and Lt. Governor

and Northwest Indiana will be sending a new representative to Congress.

It is extremely important that everyone who can vote – does vote.



The upcoming election is extremely important – particularly for the

disability community. You should be fully informed about the candidates.



We asked each party’s candidate for Indiana’s Governor and Lt. Governor

to complete a short questionnaire and participate in a video interview.

Scroll down to see each candidate’s responses and interviews



Dr. Woody Myers and Rep. Linda Lawson (D)

Click HERE or photo below to see their response to our questionnaire



Dr. Woody Myers and Rep. Linda Lawson,

Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor

Click photo of each candidate to watch their taped interview:


Dr. Woody Myers               Rep. Linda Lawson

 (D) for Governor               (D) for Lt. Governor 



CLICK HERE to see response from

Eric Holcomb (R) and Suzanne Crouch (R)

Republican candidates for Governor & Lt. Governor


Click Here to see response from Donald Rainwater (L)

    Libertarian candidate for Governor

Click Here for Miscellaneous Information about How to Vote

Click Here for Early Voting Sites in Lake County & Porter County

Click Here for Message to Disability Community from Justin Dart

Download Press Release Sept. 28, 2020